Finding Cheap Suits for Men

A suit is an important part of a man’s attire. Suits are often worn by men while they are attending some occasions. These occasions include business, interviews, funeral and weddings among others. Nevertheless, there are men who don’t have suits because they claim that they are too expensive to purchase. This is not correct since there are some places that you can find cheap suits you can purchase to keep for the occasions that will require you to be in suit. Here are some of those places that you should visit.

Search for stores that are offering discounts. There are several stores that give discounts of some of suits during their discounts period. Ensure that the suit is fitting you perfectly. Most of the suits do have some problems that not unless you wear them, you cannot identify them.

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Drop at the thrift stores occasionally. These are known to be places where most of the expensive suits are purchased. However, there are some cheap suits that are available in those places. The rich normally give their old suits to such stores sometimes on purchasing new pairs. The store in turn is going to resell this donation to another person of low socioeconomic status. These suits are normally of high quality since they are only used for a while. You can purchase a designer suit that you can’t afford at a quarter of the price that a new one is worth if you are at all good in bargaining.

In every year, there are some sales that are done in many suit stores. These are done to get rid of the old suits and get the new ones. If you time this period accurately, you are going to find some cheap suits that are of high fashion at a throw away price.

Socks are also important for men when it comes to fashion.Nowadays, there are lots of options in men’s socks when it comes to socks in terms of colour, style, length, thickness, and materials used. People try to mix these options together with their clothes and oftentimes they find appalling results. Here are some advices you must know to rock those men’s socks in 2017.

The first thing to remember is that the color should complement the shade of your jeans or pants and not of your footwear. For example, dark trousers should go well with dark socks and beown pants with brown socks. To keep it safe, simply use socks with a dark colour. White socks are most suitable for sporting activities, and for gym time, they should not be worn together with a formal outfit or with casual wear like a customized t shirt. Wearing athletic socks with formal shoes is a big mistake. Socks for sports are created with heavier material, so they tend to bulge out when worn with formal shoes making it unflattering and sort of uncomfortable. For one thing, athletic socks are made to be worn with rubber shoes or sneakers, and basically in events with rigorous activities like sports. Hence, wear formal socks when you want to wear formal shoes.
Another tip is to not roll you socks down to your ankle. This makes it look dreary and your ankle will seem too look stout and fat. Men’s socks should always be pulled up to create a continuous smooth effect, so see to it that it is not slumping down.
It is advised to change your socks every six month since they can undergo the usual process of wear and tear. You should have five to seven pairs (but you can opt to have more) of socks. Visible holes are a big turn off. Men should put in mind that socks and shorts do not blend well. But if you insist on wearing both, then you should pick ankle length men’s socks which do not show when you wear your sneakers. In 2010, sandals with socks are out style and would appear dorky and immature, so try avoiding this.

Author: Cynthia Lopez

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