Circumventing Rip Offs while Hiring a Car – How to Go About it?

Waiting eagerly for the holiday season? Planning to hire a car? But before heading forward to car booking, don’t let the car rentals burn a hole in your pocket and rip you off of all your savings in just the rental because a little shopping and sightseeing are always an integral part of travelling.

The first step will be reading the entire reservation voucher before you leave. Although you had at lengthy convincing discussion and decided the procedures with the agent, some details might have been skipped. Most of the travellers end up paying exuberant prices because they are too eager on starting the journey to sort the trivial details.


Here are a few guidelines that will save you from being ripped off by the rental companies:

  1. Go for the basic package

The covert way of saving money on car hire is to buy the basic package only. Most of the rental companies earn all that extra profit by selling to the customers completely absurd add-ons which are ludicrously expensive.

  1. Bring your child car seats

Child seats are trickier and you never know how much it will cost. Parents often don’t see the prices blinded by the care for their children but it is advisable to get your child car seat as it not only saves money but makes you choose that one seat which will be a comfortable one for your child.

  1. A big NO to sales platter at collection desk

Well who doesn’t like a little extra but you need to know which extra will be beneficial and which is a mere play put up by the company to earn money. You need to hold a strong ground and say a firm no to policies you don’t need.

  1. Scan the fuel policy, etc. minutely

Before vesting the company with cash or your credit card details, make it certain that you are well versed with the company’s fuel policy. Also check, if your rental limits your mileage in any manner when travelling far.


  1. Be wary of additional charges

If you were wise enough to buy excess protection, just claim it from the firm you have a contract with. If the claimed damages were not covered in the policy, well it is time to get the gear on and enter the battle against the rental company. Be more cautious if you are hiring a luxury car like a limo. Do your research before going for a limo car hire Melbourne if you are living around Melbourne.

Travelling is the best way of exploring the world as well as your inner self but remember to spend wisely and not end up being ripped off completely by the rental company you are in a contract with.

Author: Cynthia Lopez

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