12 Reasons Why We Should Plant Trees In Our Gardens

Why Are Trees So Important?

People don’t realize that while trees are beautiful, and often planted for their beauty as well as the shade they provide, there is much more to the trees then we see.  Trees can also soothe, relax, and give us the opportunity to connect with nature.  Furthermore, trees also reduce pollution and improve our environment.  Here are twelve are reasons why we should protect trees.

  1. fb9500a01bd43a9c26d51bed3ca5e530.1000x625x1Enjoy The Shade!

Not only trees are producing beautiful shades by blocking sunlight, by they are also reducing air temperature in this way.

  1. Deciduous Trees

While in the summer they produce shades and block sunlight, deciduous trees allow the sunlight to reach the ground and warm your home in the winter.

  1. 211534Evergreen Trees

You can use evergreen trees to reduce wind speed around your home.  Managing to reuse wind speed, you will be able to keep your home warmer and reduce the heat loss from 10 to 50 percent.

  1. Trees Bring Life To Your Garden

Not only that your garden will look prettier with trees in it, but trees will also allow birds and other animals to visit your garden.

  1. Carbon Dioxide

Trees are able to absorb potentially harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide.  Trees also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in return.

  1. Pleasant Smell

Trees will provide the pleasant smell in your garden you will immensely enjoy.

  1. Fruit

Also, planting a tree you will provide you to enjoy its delicious fruit.

  1. Animals___Birds_Unusual_birds_on_tree_057678_Music

Having a tree in your garden will attract birds, and their songs will create natural music in your garden.  Also the sound of trees rustling in the wind while provide you with many moments of happiness.

  1. Relaxation

If you want to relax in your garden you should consider planting a tree, as it will help you to relax and enjoy your garden.

  1. Affordable

Considering the impact they have on your landscape, and their size, trees are the most affordable plants you can plant in your garden.

  1. Blocking The View

If your garden doesn’t have much of the view, you can block any unwanted view by planting a beautiful tree.  Instead of looking at things you don’t want to look at, you can focus on the three and its beautiful colors, flowers, fruit and interesting shape.

  1. Legacy

Planting a tree can create a living legacy for the next generation.  It can bring you closer to your descendants, but it will also leave a much better world.  We’d every tree you plant, you are helping the environment stay healthy and strong and produce more oxygen for all of us.

Author: Cynthia Lopez

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